A Lighter that Rekindles our Passion for Owning Beautiful Products


Going against the tide of disposable culture, the KNNOX lighter is designed to last forever, and with an aesthetic and style so beautifully unique, you’ll genuinely want to keep it forever!

Breaking the very archetype of the lighter, the KNNOX lighter doesn’t really look like one. It doesn’t come with your flip-top, or like the use-and-throw Bic lighters with the transparent compartment where you see the lighter fluid. When closed, it looks like a clean, chiseled brass cuboid, with the aesthetic appeal similar to that of a very premium cigar cutter.

Taking the shape of a matchbox when closed, the lighter opens by sliding the L-shaped flint chamber to reveal the wick inside. Flick the rotating flint wheel on the corner and a specially crafted, highly ferrous alloy flint provides a generous spark that guarantees the wick will light up in the very first attempt. To extinguish the fire, slide the flint chamber to a close and the fire extinguishes as the KNNOX lighter closes back into its unibody design with a satisfying click.

The unusual design of the KNNOX lighter has a vintage, art deco appeal. Its strange schematic may seem confusing at first, but its design allows you to direct the flame sideways and frontwards, and not just upwards. It’s this unusual mannerism that makes using the KNNOX lighter feel like literally being a class apart, as people around you observe you with part curiosity and part envy.

Available in slick packaging, each lighter is paired with high-quality wicks, flints and even a stainless steel hex tool. Precision made from brass, the KNNOX lighter is designed to last a lifetime and grow more and more precious and beautiful with passing time as the brass surface ages gracefully with its unique patina.

Designer: KNNOX

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