Let’s Talk About Camping Essentials

Every time I hear the word camping and the only image that comes to my mind is the Carry on Camping movie. That was one PARTY CAMP flick! Alas, real life is not as much fun as reel life, so it’s best to be prepared with handy tools and gadgets to make a camping trip successful. Along with the Swiss Army Knife, ropes, kettles, provisions and tent, it would be wise to carry something like the Vertigo. This one’s a self-heating food and beverage container featuring a high performance dynamo that makes it possible to heat food in minutes.

The external shell is crafted from Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), which is a good thing coz it’s a chemical and mechanical resistant material that can withstand temps up to 150° Celsius, and is a fire retardant. The sensor-triggered LED indicates when the food (or beverage) reaches the optimum temp. All in all, Vertigo looks to be good enough to make it to the essentials list.

Designer: Nicolas Bernal