Let’s Talk About Camping Essentials

Every time I hear the word camping and the only image that comes to my mind is the Carry on Camping movie. That was one PARTY CAMP flick! Alas, real life is not as much fun as reel life, so it’s best to be prepared with handy tools and gadgets to make a camping trip successful. Along with the Swiss Army Knife, ropes, kettles, provisions and tent, it would be wise to carry something like the Vertigo. This one’s a self-heating food and beverage container featuring a high performance dynamo that makes it possible to heat food in minutes.

The external shell is crafted from Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), which is a good thing coz it’s a chemical and mechanical resistant material that can withstand temps up to 150° Celsius, and is a fire retardant. The sensor-triggered LED indicates when the food (or beverage) reaches the optimum temp. All in all, Vertigo looks to be good enough to make it to the essentials list.

Designer: Nicolas Bernal


  • matt says:

    its a coffee mug that heats itself.

  • M.S.W. says:

    Interesting idea.
    Perhaps in version 2.0 designer can have the dynamo be removable on a retractable cord. With the design able to have the ability to attach a longer crank handle for easier cranking. Perhaps even mount points for improvised bike like cranking.

  • Lamah says:

    Let’s say you want to heat 500ml of water (two cups), from 10 degrees Celsius to a piping hot 60 degrees Celsius. To do this, you require:

    = 500 * 4.186 * (60 – 10) Joules
    = 104650 Joules

    If you were using a hand-crank generator like this:


    If the container is perfectly insulated, it’d take you 104650 / 50 = 2093 seconds to heat up your water, which is 35 minutes. I think I’d be pretty exhausted if I was trying to drive a hand crank at maximum output for 35 minutes.

    • Carl says:

      you would actually need to raise the temperature to 100 degrees boiling point, to kill any bugs in the water first, otherwise you could become very ill.

      • Lamah says:

        Great, then it’ll take an hour of cranking to boil your cup of tea.. :). Sounds like an awesome product, where do I buy one? 😉

  • Moustapha says:

    nice one.. but the pics is not enough to introduce the innovation.

  • Alex says:

    Hi my name is Alex
    i also had this idea a few years ago but i did not have any money to patent the idea. Although i did submitted to the invention office and they promised to keep my idea top secret until i have the money to patent it.
    So now I want to know where did you get this idea from because if it’s the inventor company then i will sue that company.. Please let me know
    But if this entirely from your own idea then i must apology.

  • Peter says:

    Yanko needs to hire an engineer. Product looks nice, but, as has been pointed out, is useless for the stated purpose.

    Publicizing designs like this one, with fundamental flaws, makes Yanko look foolish.

  • Fleter says:

    Peter – the site says “Form beyond function” right there at the top

  • Fleter says:

    Peter – the site says “Form beyond function” right there at the top

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