Move Over Iron Man

I just watched Iron Man 2 this weekend so it seems fitting to write about the idea of body enhancements. The Activation Suit is designed with women in mind, prepping them for the ultimate work out while minimizing fatigue and injury. The suit electronically stimulates muscle groups to relax, “stretch”, and intensify work outs. The entire surface is touch activated enabling targeted training. And of course no bionic woman would be complete without the ability to record and analyze their regimen.

I love the idea and would give damn near anything to have this come to reality. I’m a freak when it comes to work out gear but I’ve also picked up some tidbits from trainers. I know that artificially stimulated muscles don’t really do anything to enhance a work out. It’s just your muscle reacting to stimuli. It’s great for physical therapy but doesn’t do much in the way of gaining muscle or losing weight. I also know that targeted training isn’t necessarily a good idea. You may want to strengthen an area but generally, improving the overall tone of the body is much better to keep those inner gears well oiled and spinning. I’m curious as to why this couldn’t work for men too. I mean we have the exact same bodies, with the exception of a few accoutrements.

Designer: Chris Vella

The Activation Suit - Workout Suit For Women by Chris Vella