A Truly Intelligent Lock


The KeyWe Smart Lock is one that actually lives up to the name! It offers a myriad of thoughtfully designed ways to secure and access your home or office.

It can automatically lock and unlock on a timer to ensure your premises are always secure. NFC tech means unlock or lock when you (and your identified smartphone or other devices) approach or depart. It can be unlocked using a secret passcode. Better yet, it can store up to 20 unique passcodes for different users so you know who is entering and when. A one-time passcode can be equipped remotely via your smartphone to let in couriers, dog walkers or other visitors. It’s even compatible with a guest key that works much like the card locks on hotel room doors. Of course, there’s also a traditional twist/key lock for those times when doing it manually makes the most sense.

While some worrywarts will be skeptical about any digital lock, they can rest assure their codes and connection are secure. It uses 128 bit AES encryption for the connection between the KeyWe App and door lock – that means that even the signals between the app and hardware are encrypted and are being constantly updated to ensure constant security. If there is any attempt to jailbreak or any rooting is detected, the app will block logins and delete all data.

Designer: KeyWe

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Imagine – as you approach your front door, it unlocks automatically and after you enter, it will lock itself. KeyWe can do this for you.

Sounds too easy? Feeling unsure about the Smart Open?

The KeyWe has been tested in high rise buildings with many Bluetooth connections around and we are confident it is still fully functional in under these conditions.

The amazing part is that this is just one of many options of the KeyWe, you can try the Magic Touch – one which you can activate the touchpad with your smartphone and the door will open.

The KeyWe has the ability to store up to 20 passcodes per door lock, enabling each user to have their own unique code.

Expecting deliveries?

Why not try the One-Time Passcode (OTP) options for the courier? It’s only valid for 2 minutes and can’t be reused.

However, some people prefer the traditional way and some prefer high tech but some of us are on the fence.

This is why the KeyWe offers functionality through your smartphone’s NFC function, a physical key and even a key card (it’s included – we’ve got you sorted).

If you’re an Airbnb host or have guests staying – there’s also the Guest Key function which works just like a hotel key! (They don’t even need to register to KeyWe!)

There won’t be any confusion as the KeyWe will send you real time push notifications and will save records for up to two months.






Click here to Buy Now: $99.00 $199.00 (50% off).