A Mesmerizing Piece of Furniture

It’s easy for chairs to blend in and become lost in their surroundings, but there is no disputing the fact that this isn’t the case with this chair! The Light Chair is an attention-stealing, thought-provoking and undeniably intriguing item of furniture, that stands out from its competitors.

Dichroic Film, that both scatters and reflects light, is attached to a transparent plate that’s made from polycarbonate, the combination of these two materials is truly mesmerizing as the light is actualized by a rainbow of colors.

What makes this visual experience so captivating is its every changing appearance; as you move around the chair and your viewing point changes, the chair comes to life with a beautiful show of colors that further engage you. It truly is a stunning piece of art-like furniture that we just can’t get enough of!

Designer: Taehwan Kim