The Parrot Anafi gives a palm-sized 4K camera the power of flight

With a footprint that’s just a tad bit bigger than the Mavic Pro, Parrot’s ANAFI is perhaps the most remarkable drone in its category. It folds down to occupy the same amount of space as a thermos flask or a portable umbrella, allowing it to seamlessly fit into backpacks, and when unfolded, the drone can capture 4K HRD footage for as long as half an hour on a full charge. ANAFI’s camera not only offers 180° of vertical rotation, it even has a 3-axis gimbal to keep all your videos beautifully stabilized. A wide-angle lens captures a wider FOV, while special lens treatment negates lens-flares.

The ANAFI’s slick design makes it perfect for taking outdoors on your next holiday. With easily swappable battery packs, you can capture hours of footage, allowing the drone to take photos and videos at dramatic angles (even exploiting Parrot’s Dolly Zoom technique, better known as the ‘Vertigo Effect’). The ANAFI comes with multiple dual-band Wi-Fi antennas (one on each foot of the drone) to help it pick up signal from the controller regardless of position or orientation. It comes with the Parrot’s own collapsible controller too, allowing you to dock your phone in it and view footage in real-time as you fly your drone around to as far as 2.5 miles from the pilot!

Designer: Parrot

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