Move Over Swivel Wheels

While the swivel wheel is the most common for multi-directional movement, its biggest disadvantage is leaving the track when changing direction from forward to backward. After experimenting with different omni-balls for a robot design, Dr. Helmut Fritz discovered that combining the omni-ball with the cantilever of a swivel roller yielded an entirely new wheel. One that keeps a straight line even when direction is changed from forward to backward… introducing the Excenterball.

Designer: Dr. Helmut Fritz


  • LL says:

    Dyson already invented this…

  • clemclem says:

    i want the same for my wheelchair (except the frog)

  • fritz says:

    dyson does not use the technic of omniball, e.g. two orthogonal axis (one internal and one external)for rotation of the two hemispherical shells.(Compare ) . If you need detailled technical information please visit my website.
    But your idea is reasonable: excenterball could be usefull also for vacuum cleaner

  • fritz says:

    We should never refuse a frog (free of charge). Otherwise we could refuse a prince or princess!
    Truly I thought strongly about combination of excenterball and wheelchair. perhaps we will find a manufacturer, who is also interested in this idea.

  • clemclem says:

    Hello Dr. Helmut Fritz,

    do you have made a prototype ?
    i would try it on my wheelchair, and if it’s good,
    i know a manufacturer who can be interessed in this idea.


  • clemclem says:

    a german manufacturer !

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