A Light That Beautifully Illuminates its Surrounding


Each day we are surrounded by light, but it’s the direct light that negatively impacts us as it has the ability to quickly makes our eyes tired. Open is a handy little light that has been designed to be used indirectly, as opposed to directly, and it does so in a beautiful way!

Open’s triangular prism-like form is made from ceramic, as it lends itself to a warm reflection of light as well as being effective for heat dissipation. The light softly escapes from within the prism via one of the three long edges; the user has the option of the side being opened to a 30 or 60 degree angle, depending on how much light they desire.

Open houses a battery within the form, allowing for it to be used wirelessly and so it is free to beautifully illuminate any location that the user chooses.

Designer: Jaeyong Lee