This credit card sized wallet comes fitted with the world’s thinnest tracking device

Close your eyes and think of a wallet. It’s extremely likely that what you’re thinking of is made of leather, folds down through the middle, comes with flaps, compartments, pockets, and is stitched or glued together. Open your eyes. What if a wallet didn’t have to have any of those things?

The GO Wallet distills the very idea of a wallet down to its basics. What do you need from your wallet? For it to carry money and for it to not get stolen or lost… right? It’s a good thing the GO Wallet was designed to do those two things VERY well. Machined out of lightweight and RFID-blocking Aluminum, the GO Wallet comes perfectly sized to be exactly the same dimensions as your cards, and comes in a variety of anodized colors and finishes. Two metal halves sandwich your cards in between, with a durable elastic band holding it all together. The GO Wallet is simple because it just skips the traditional multiple layers of leather and glue and thread format. It provides storage in perhaps the smallest size possible, allowing you to carry your cards and cash without carrying the bulk. Plus, if you want to carry more on you, the wallet just expands to accommodate your needs.

The wallet’s design lets you slot in as many cards and banknotes as you need (it maxes out at roughly 15 cards, which does seem like overkill if you ask me). A groove on its base allows you to push your cards out with your thumb and quickly sift through them to choose the ones you need. For added convenience, you can just keep your frequently used cards on top, to make things a wee bit faster. The wallet’s inherent RFID/NFC-blocking construction prevents you from falling victim to any unsolicited payments or digital fraud, and as long as your cards are stored inside the GO Wallet, nobody can swipe or scan them while you’re not looking. But wait, what happens when your wallet gets left behind somewhere… or worse, stolen? Well, that’s where the GO Tracker Card comes in.

Created as a collaboration with tech company Innway, the GO Tracker Card looks like any other credit or loyalty card, but is, in fact, a comprehensive tracking device that allows you to keep tabs on your wallet at all times. It fits into the wallet, right along with your other cards (so a thief doesn’t ever find out), and allows you to actively track it within its range using the Innway app. If the wallet goes out of range, the app records its last known position. To make sure the situation never comes to that eventuality, a Separation Alarm feature allows your phone to alert you when your wallet isn’t near you and vice versa.

Moreover, if you’re a bit of a scatterbrain like I am, you can even give your wallet a call and it’ll “ring” to alert you of its location. This feature works both ways, so you can even ring your phone using your wallet… or conversely, use your wallet as a selfie remote to click pictures remotely. Neat, eh? The GO Tracker Card’s internal battery lasts for an average of 4 months on a full charge, and as for the GO Wallet itself, the designers promise to fix it if it gets damaged, or replace it if it can’t get fixed. Quite an upgrade over those archaic tattered, bulky leather wallets people still cling onto.

Designer: GO-GETTER Co.

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GO Wallet – The World’s Slimmest & Sleekest Trackable Wallet

The GO Wallet is a trackable, expandable, RFID-secure, slim wallet with the thinnest tracker card ever to deliver a premium carrying experience.

Maximum Convenience – 7.5 mm thin and 2.5 oz light, making it ideal for those who are always on the go. Engineered to the exact size of a credit card, eliminating bulk from dead volume.

Expandable and Adaptable – Carry as much or little as you need. The GO Wallet fits 1-15 cards, 10 folded bills, or any combination of the two without stretching.

Trackable Technology – They partnered with Innway Technology to provide you an optional Bluetooth tracker card for your GO Wallet. Slip the card in your wallet and track it instantly.

RFID-blocking Protection – Built with RFID-blocking aluminum to keep your cards and ID secure from modern RFID-skimming and theft.

Engineered to Last – Made from premium 6061-T6 aero-grade aluminum & anodized, making it corrosion-resistant. The surface is also water, sweat, and dirt resistant, keeping your wallet in like-new condition for years. Guaranteed to not wear & tear like a traditional leather or canvas wallet.

Easy Access and Insertion – Inner beveled edges, polished surfaces, and the bottom finger groove (perfectly shaped for your thumb) allow for a fast ‘push-up’ access and insertion.

Front Pocket Design – Smaller and lighter than a phone to fit easily in your front pocket. Keep your GO wallet safe from pick-pockets, prevent back pain from sitting on your wallet, and grab your wallet faster than ever.

See it in action.

Tracker Card

Never lose your wallet again with the GO Tracker Card, an ultra-thin, rechargeable Bluetooth finder that fits with ease in your GO wallet. Slip it in your wallet and track it within seconds.

GO Wallet Features & Specs

Beveled Edges and Polished Surface – Allow for smooth access + insertion without damaging your cards.

Finger Groove – Finger groove perfectly shaped for your thumb allows for a fast ‘push-up’ access to your cards.

Polyester Rubber Latex Elastic Band – Premium polyester rubber latex band keeps your cards snug & secure yet accessible.

Water, Sweat, and Dirt Resistant Surface – Ready to withstand any activities. Guaranteed not to wear & tear over time like a traditional leather or canvas wallet.

Design Inspired by the G0-getter Lifestyle

The GO Wallet was designed to keep up with your GO-GETTER lifestyle, making it as practical as it is stylish and up-to-date with modern tech.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $95 (52% off). Hurry, only 7/170 left!