A Timepiece That Showcases Traditional Timelessness


Long before watches were worn on wrists, they were attached to waists. The pocket watch predates the wristwatch by more than 200 years… and with time, when watches could accurately display the time despite movement caused by human activities, the watch shifted from the pocket to the wrist, making it much easier to read the time by simply glancing down at one’s hand. Watches then started becoming much more commonplace, leaving the pocket watch with a history of being reserved for the elite upper class. Even today, pocket watches are often worn with traditional/vintage or high-society outfits, exuding class, while a wristwatch remains a much more modern status symbol.

Wanting to honor both pasts, the DR.W. Watch comes with two bodies and a detaching dial, allowing it to be worn as a wristwatch when needed, and transform into a pocket watch when the situation demands. Celebrating over half a millennium of personal timepieces, the DR.W. Watch comes with a style that balances the fine line between contemporary and old school. Precision made from the finest 316L Stainless Steel and Leather, the watch comes with a twist-open detachable dial and two bodies, allowing you to wear the watch as a wristpiece at some times, and a pocket watch at others. The watch’s aesthetic sticks to familiar visual cues, with a circular body, clear numbers, and two circular subdials, and a date window, allowing it to look equally classy as both a pocket watch and a wristwatch. The mechanism, devised in-house, is robust, yet easy to use. Simply push and twist the watch dial and it comes open with s click. Housing the dial in the new body is just as easy with a twist-click action.

The watch was designed by creator Reinder after he noticed that his brother, a practicing medic, wasn’t allowed to wear wristwatches while working, for hygienic reasons. Reinder immediately went to the drawing board to develop a draft for the transforming watch, that would sit well on your wrist as well as in your pocket, connected via a lanyard. The resulting watch beautifully plays both roles, and comes with a style that does justice to both contemporary and vintage/classic sensibilities. Available in black, white, and navy, the watch dials sport a radially brushed metal face with clear numerals, sitting under a sapphire crystal glass top. With a leather wrist strap and a choice between metal and leather leashes for the pocket lanyard, the DR.W. Watch sticks to a style that has been around for centuries, and isn’t going to go anywhere for a long time… in fact, it may just be the most classic representation of a timepiece ever!

Designer: DR.W.

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With a simple twist and click you can turn your wristwatch into a pocket watch – and reverse. Two watches in one. The concept consists of three parts:

– a back plate for the wrist watch
– a back plate for the pocket watch
– and the watch itself

The watch will be complemented with an (easily exchangeable) strap and cord/chain. The watch can be attached to both back plates with just a simple twist and click.


Imagine adapting your style to every situation in just a few seconds with a simple twist!


Either if you aim to use it as a pocket watch or a ‘regular’ wrist watch only, the design of the watch does not show any compromise between the two styles.

Transforming your wristwatch to a pocket watch (or vice versa) is just a matter of:

– a push
– a twist
– and a click

In Brushed Steel and Black Subdials




White and Bronze Subdials




Navy Blue and Silver Subdials




Click here to Buy Now: $315.00 $395.00 (20% off)