The Measuring Tape Killer

Nothing like a little 2-by-3-inch action to transform the way you work! You heard right – this little gadget eliminates the need for traditional tape by making your smartphone the ultimate measuring tool. It’s called iPin pro and it attaches to any phone to measure high, width, and length of an object or the distance between two points with a laser ruler. No fumbling around or listening to the cacophony of metal tape – in fact, the only thing you’ll hear are your fingers tapping against your screen while you use the dedicated smartphone app! Better yet, there are almost no distance limitations in terms of the number of household or work projects it can assist with. Add it to your toolkit here!

Designer: Conary Studio

Click here to Buy Now: $81.00 $180.00 Hurry, less than 12 hours left!





Click here to Buy Now: $81.00 $180.00