Oil for all, all for oil!


Here’s yet another concept from the Lite-On Awards archive that aims at creating design with positive social impact. The Oil Recycling Kiosk conserves an important resource by eliminating the useless wastage of oil by consumers. A lot of the oil we use in food tends to get thrown away. The Oil Recycling Kiosk aims at collecting that oil (only of the edible variety). Solar panels on the top allow the kiosk to treat that oil for future consumption. The Kiosk targets night-time roadside food vendors, who tend to utilize and in turn dispose a great deal of oil. The kiosk reserves this recycled oil for them, giving it to them at a discounted price. That incentive aims at starting a trend where oil is wasted judiciously and recycled efficiently!

The Oil Recycling Kiosk is a Merit Award winning entry for the Lite-On Awards 2015. Entries for this year’s Lite-On awards are open till the 16th of June, 2016. Head down. Scoot over to the LiteOn website to nominate your design for the award. You’ve got two days! Hurry!

Designer: Huang Hao-Che