A kit for the musician on the move!

I’ve always admired what ROLI does for two reasons. ROLI’s approach to music making has been unconventional and innovative because A. you don’t really need to be proficient at an instrument to make music, and B. they design their products in a way where interaction is so universal, a piano can sound like a violin, so said product can cater to a pianist as well as a violinist. This fluid and experiment-encouraging approach makes ROLI’s products somewhat of a universal standard for musicians and music aficionados.

Take for instance the Songmaker Kit. It contains the three products that make up the ROLI catalog, merged into one super-product, like some sort of Power Ranger Megazord. Combining the functionality brought by ROLI’s seaboard and the power blocks, you can literally make music on the go by connecting the entire setup to your phone or tablet. More of a hardcore guy? The Songmaker even connects to your laptop/desktop, allowing you to leverage the freedom of MIDI with the power of your digital audio workstation. Because inspiration can strike anytime, so you should be able to too!

Designer: Roland Lamb (ROLI)

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