An Easier Way to Hoard your Board

It’s funny how portability is such a relative word. Buildings aren’t portable, cars are. But in front of bicycles, even cars don’t seem that portable anymore. Consequently, you can carry a bicycle up the stairs, but you can’t store it in your cramped bedroom. Skateboards are therefore more portable than bicycles, what’s the next step? BoardUp has the answer. Foldable longboards give you the moving experience of a regular longboard, but they fold into half right down the middle. Most experts would argue that this makes the board incredibly weak at the folding point, but you’d be surprised how sturdy the self-locking hinge is. So much so that it doesn’t even flex when in the locked position. You can even lock and unlock the hinge hands-free with the help of a discreet pedal on the edge of the board.

When folded, the BoardUp has just about the same footprint as a laptop, making it easy to fit inside a backpack, locker, and even an airplane compartment! It even lends itself to easy carrying, with a nice ergonomic handle and a stable base that doesn’t allow the BoardUp to roll away! Plus, it weighs just a mere 7 pounds! If all that doesn’t redefine your notion of portability, I don’t know what does!

Designer: Bin Lu

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