Best of Modularity


In the modern age, ‘modular’ is the buzz-word in interior designing and has trickled down to many home elements like modular-storage, modular-beds, modular-kitchens and now – modular refrigerators. Designed to be a sustainable appliance, the Addition by Heewoong Chai is a multi-type refrigerator system that up-sizes on demand. Based on the assumption that your first fridge comes home when you move out as a singleton, and your requirements increase when you marry and then expand your family with kids in tow, this fridge makes clever use of being modular by allowing you to add components like water purifier, oven etc. making it a holistic solution in the kitchen.

A typically good-quality make fridge lasts you for several years without a hiccup, so adding more modules as per requirements is quite sensible. What I love about the design is the clever use of technology via an app, to help control key features like temperature vs content and status on the food item stored – example: expiry date, freshness etc. In essence, each module can be temperature controlled individually, thus creating various customized zones for the food within.

Another cool inclusion is the ability to change the door orientation – what I mean by this is that you can change the hinges to open the fridge from the left or the right side.

Sleek design, agile functionality and innovative in approach, the Addition Refrigerator is an appliance that’d I like to see in-market soon.

Designer: Heewoong Chai