It’s 2018. Stop Paying for Bottled Water.

Even if you dispose of one… Just one plastic bottle a week. That’s 52 in a year (without counting soft drinks and other beverages). I could get into the maths of how many bottles that would be per person per year (300 billion bottles, if you’re curious) but just think about something else too. Aside from the 300 billion bottles (approx) that get used and thrown each year, quintals of crude oil are mined to create the plastic which gets treated, pelleted, shipped, molded, shipped again, filled, branded, packaged, shipped for a third time, and finally sold to consumers who, within not more than 10 minutes consume the product in its entirety. This process right here is one of the fastest and most dangerous cradle-to-grave instances of all.

It may seem outwardly cheap to buy a plastic bottle, but that plastic travels miles to get to you and then travels miles after you’re done… and what you don’t always realize is that you’re paying for a commodity that’s essentially free. That’s what triggered the process of designing the rOcean. The rOcean is your key to not buying and throwing 52 plastic bottles away per year. Not just a water filter, but also a carbonator with the ability to flavor, the rOcean gives you pristine still water, flavored electrolytic water, or fizzy sparkling water, depending on exactly how you want it.

The rOcean’s proposition is to basically replace one’s need to buy any form of bottled water ever. Water is free and always should be, so think twice before you shell out a big buck for that sparkling water you love so much, or multiple small bucks (is that a thing?) for the regular mineral water you drink to stay hydrated. rOcean was designed to purify and prepare water the way you want it. Its submicron carbon block filter renders any kind of water drinkable, filtering 75 different contaminants. Its carbonation unit fizzes up the water inside the device, rather than building pressure within your drinking bottle. This means you can use any sort of bottle you want with the rOcean or even drink sparkling water from a glass. Designed to be sustainable throughout, it comes with a reusable, dishwasher friendly flavoring pod which can be replenished each month via rOcean’s environmentally friendly refill packages, or with your own recipes.

Sported on the front of the rOcean is a UI that’s incredibly universal and user-friendly. Sliders allow you to choose how carbonated or flavored you want the water, and two buttons on top let you decide whether you want a bottle-full or just a glass-full of the water of your choice. The rOcean goes another step further in convenience, allowing you to talk to it via your smart speaker, letting you ask for a glass of water and instantly be served with one. To make sure the experience remains streamlined even in the long-term, the rOcean can even auto-order carbonation cylinders, or filter replacements the minute they finish, so the only time you lift a muscle is to drink a glass of refreshing and tasty water you’ve been served! I’d say that’s much more convenient than buying a bottle of still water or Perrier every time you feel thirsty… for you as well as the planet.

Designer: rOcean

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Click here to Buy Now: $179.00 $349.00