This Chair’s No Ugly Duckling


Every so often you stumble across a furniture design just a tad too late and kick yourself for not coming across it sooner. I just purchased a new desk chair, so that’s exactly what I’m experiencing right now as I’m admiring the Swan chair. Grrrr.

It takes elegant inspiration from the creature of the same name. Though contemporary in construction, its atomic legs give it a familiar mid-century feel. It’s not so far out that it won’t fit in with the rest of an eclectic collection of furniture pieces.

Unlike other designs with a full back, it offers support only for the essential lumbar and dorsi muscles. While its sectional construction makes its material and color combinations limitless, the grey felt, clear acrylic and raw wood is our favorite by far. Don’t miss out like me – contact MIIO Studio to see how you can get your hands on one!

Designer: Baptiste Maingon