Printing Braille!

The SimCheong Printer & Scanner concept is inspired by a Korean story and the motive behind it is very simple; making computer peripherals more accessible to the visually challenged. Basically the printer is capable of printing and scanning documents in Braille. It looks easy to operate and when supporting technology is available, I am sure it will be a great help.

Designer: Kyung-ho Jang


  • Stephen Russell says:

    Must for libraries, bookstores, colleges, Univs etc alone.
    Radical, must upscale size to copier level & produce more Braille print for users.
    Link to 3D Printing.

  • Jessey says:

    Where can I find more about this?

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  • 张若诗 says:

    We have a need for a braille printer and we hope to help more children.If you see the message, I hope you can contact me.

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