Fold is gold!


As pretty as a picture, the Fold Pendant Lamp uses origami and repetitive geometry to charm, and to hypnotize. Made out of wool, the structure uses a series of bends and folds to create a pattern that looks stunning regardless of whether the light is on or not, making it a decorative piece in the day, and an absolutely beautiful light-source post sunset.

Made for Scandinavian retail company, Northern, the Fold is designed to complement minimal homes with its almost-centeripece-ish style. The lamp, available in three pastel hues, comes made from wool (a result of several years of experimentation and development, making it a unique hybrid of hand-craftsmanship and fibre innovation), that not only diffuses the light beautifully, but also acts as a sound absorbing panel, allowing you to have a nice, peaceful, well-lit zen-spot right under the lamp.

Designer: Foldability for Northern