So, you lost your lens-cap too?

There are some product parts that are just designed to get lost. Caps for pens, for pen-drives, and camera lenses. However, one of them plays a much more crucial role than the other two. A camera lens can cost anywhere from hundreds to even thousands of dollars, and the lens-cap can prevent damage to that extremely precise piece of engineering and manufacturing. So what happens when you lose the lens-cap? You risk damaging expensive gear? Well, not anymore.

Taking a page from the success story of those silicon lids that fit on all sorts of kitchen vessels and utensils, the KUVRD (pronounced ‘covered’) is a one-size-fits-all silicone cap that goes over any and every camera lens you have, no matter the size, or even the brand. The silicone sleeve fits even over your lens cap, giving you a seal that is water and dust proof, while also shock resistant. The silicone construction ensures that bumps and scratches are a thing of the past, while also making sure that it never falls off. Use it on the front or even the rear of your (spare) lenses to make sure they stay protected at all times. Plus, given its size, you’d have to try really hard to misplace them! Oh, casual fact… they also come with a lifetime warranty.

Designer: KUVRD.