Apple Mac Folder

Is it next MacBook? no, but everyone likes to put their 2 cents in. It’s called the Mac Folder – not all that different from any other laptop but this could be the netbook everyone wants/expects Apple to make. The UI has been reworked to work more like the interfaces seen on the iPod Touch and iPhone and of course it has a multi-touch screen and OF COURSE it’s as thin as Kate Moss if not more. Want one?

Designer: Tryi Yeh


  • I find it simply ridiculous.

    • Marc says:

      That what i find annoying about the comments on here,
      plenty of criticism but nothing constructive, next time you have a one line dig at somebody’s design, at least have the balls to say why you don’t like it

      • candy says:

        Totally. I’ve been watching this site for less than a year, but I don’t remember the comments being this asinine when I first read it.

    • SoBuying says: have more android tablet pc.

  • NeiL A. says:

    It’s an interesting concept.

    I don’t think I like the rearranging of the K,L,O,P keys.

  • Aria says:

    The folder idea is cute, but I really hate the keyboard.

  • Lamah says:

    Keyboard might be some common international layout. If not, it is a terrible English layout.. :).

    Switching between interacting with the screen (mouse equivalent) and interacting with the keyboard looks slow and painful. Certainly none of the programs that I use every day would be fun to use in that way.

  • ahee says:

    but…hadnt that idea been born?
    AUSU had sumit a same idea yet…
    who made that concept first?

  • hooligan says:


  • hooligan says:


  • Melangell says:


  • Bep says:

    it is pretty ugly and it isn’t that “mac” ether… totally lacking all the refinement of a mac product.

    the 3d modeling and rendering is nice though, gotta say.

  • anndy says:

    That looks great , I want it!
    ok, here I have another good place, that is : Tradestead , there are different kinds of beautiful and powerful consumer electronics that I like it very much!

  • abby says:

    this is really a great article , who can do it!

  • dnn says:


  • YaX says:

    We need thousands for our University as far as it is light (300 to 400 g or less), pocketable and has VGA video-out and the full Mac OS X inside (not just the limited OS X of iPhone and iPod touch). NOT to work on it, but for presentations from NATIVE Keynote and PowerPoint presentations. Because even the MacBook Air is too large and heavy for us. Can Apple deliver?

  • tjw says:

    Files and folders are a metaphor of the office culture dating back before the 50’s. Why are we still clinging to it? Information doesn’t have to exist in one place (one file or folder) when dealing with digital space.

  • Nowsupplier says:

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  • SoBuying says: have more android tablet pc.

  • mike miky says:

    It doesn't contain any of apple's identities
    It underminds Jonathan Ive and even Diter ram

  • mike miky says:

    It doesn't contain any of apple's identities
    It underminds Jonathan Ive and even Diter ram

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