Electrolux + UID design students create a hallway shelf that sanitizes your phone and hands

Created as a collaborative effort between Electrolux and the students at Umeå Institute of Design to think about post-Covid-19 home solutions, the Muhō is the ultimate hallway sanitization-station, working to disinfect your hands as well as devices. Located at the very entrance of your house, the Muhō allows you to instantly kill any potential germs that may piggy-back into your house by getting on your hands or your devices. The sanitization-station comes with 3 UV-C light-enabled shelves to place items like your keys, phone, wallet, or sunglasses on. A contact-sensor activates the UV-C light mere seconds after you place your object on it, allowing it to kill any bacteria or viruses by breaking down their DNA. The lowest shelf also has a hands-free sanitizer dispenser built in, allowing you to quickly spritz your hands with sanitizer before you enter the house.

The Muhō envisions a new type of furniture for homes that goes above and beyond to keep your life organized, but keep you safe too. The combination of UV light and hand-sanitizer effectively cover most bases, making sure germs don’t thrive on you or items you frequently touch. To add an extra flair of functionality, the Muhō even comes with a smart-mirror that, apart from showing you how dapper you look, gives you timely updates like time temperature and weather updates… so you know whether you need to carry sunscreen or an umbrella on your way out!

Designers: Stijn van Cuijk, Jakob Kohnle and Laurenz Simonis (Umeå Institute of Design) in collaboration with Electrolux