Floats in the pot, beeps when it’s hot

The irony of life is that as I wrote this article, I ended up burning my toast so bad my living room’s filled with a dense smoke… but that’s exactly what I’m talking about. No one has the time to watch water boil (although my toaster shouldn’t have gone rogue on me) and a lot of the time, you forget that you’ve got something on the stove and minutes later, you’ve overboiled your pasta, or you’ve boiled your water so much your saucepan has hard water stains on it.

That’s where the BoilingBeeper comes in. A small, innocuous, yet potentially life-saving device, the BoilingBeeper is a tea-bag sized blue, floating device you drop into your water pre-boiling. As the water temperature rises, the BoilingBeeper floats on the surface, monitoring temperature levels. The minute your water begins boiling (at 212°F or 100°C), the Beeper emits a loud beeping sound, akin to the whistling of a kettle, letting you know that it’s time to turn the stove off. Take it out of the boiling water and it turns off the minute its sensor is out of contact with the fluid. Ideal for the multi-tasker, or the forgetter (me, basically), or if you’ve got the telly running, the BoilingBeeper works for everything from pasta, to veggies, to even delivering on those perfectly boiled eggs.

A watched kettle never boils they say… Who says you need to watch it?! I say.

Designer: Boiling Beeper

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