A Smartwatch for Fashionistas


While it’s hard not to love the functionality of a smartwatch, many people just can’t get down with the techy look of wearing one! For the fashion-conscious wearer, there’s the Coalesce C_001. It fuses the time-tested style of analog timepieces with the smart tech of today’s modern wearables.

The pristine face is kept beneath a sapphire crystal glass dome, however, it’s not touch-sensitive. The idea is that the less contact the wearer has with it, the longer it will last. I’ve broken my phone enough times to know this is true! Instead, the crown serves as the primary interface. Similar to a classic watch, users can access and control a myriad of features by pressing, spinning or tapping. The display screen itself is quite straightforward, keeping the watch face minimalistic and dapper. The face and hour/minute hands can also be color coordinated to match or contrast with a variety of leather bands in different hues. Collect them all to adapt your smartwatch to your changing outfits!

Designer: Alexander Shayle







An overview of some example screens shows how functionality can be added to the watch without being visually overwhelming for the user. By using simple and easy to understand graphical representations of information, the smartwatch retains the ability to be glanced at and understood quickly, similarly to how analog watches are generally interacted with.



An Induction charger is housed within the dock, and features a magnetic surface which allows the watch to snap into place, resting slightly submerged in the top surface. The dock would be clad in the same material as the watch body, creating a unified and minimal aesthetic.