Walkie Talkies from the future!

Having finished binge-watching Stranger Things 2 just yesterday, I have to say, I really want a walkie-talkie so I can scream “Code Red!” into it whenever I’m in trouble! However, there’s nothing I have my heart set on more than the Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkies!

These beauties look nothing like the clunky brick-shaped walkie-talkies from Ye Olde days, but rather look like amazing badges you wear on your clothes. With the color gradients that look nothing short of lick-worthy, and a twisted metal rod that allows it to fasten itself to your clothes while giving the device a beautiful touch, the Onyx work like walkie-talkies, but take due advantage of technological advancements to make them better products. The Onyx has “unlimited range, and unlimited channels”, allowing you to converse over long distances (even overseas!) like a walkie-talkie, without paying a single penny to a telecom provider, and allowing you to speak mano-a-mano or even to teams.

The Onyx pairs with its smartphone app, allowing you to converse one-on-one with people on your list, or even to groups. With its own built-in speakers and microphone, the slick device works via touch-to-communicate, much like a Star Trek Communicator Badge (exactly like a ComBadge!) and can be muted by just rotating the dial. Available in a pack of twos (and with the most eye-catching gradients on the face), the Onyx is great for communicating naturally (because who makes phone calls these days). Its spontaneous, on-the-spot communicating platform helps you talk to anyone, anywhere on the planet, instantaneously! The future is officially here, ladies and gentlemen… and it looks good!

Designer: Orion Labs