The Glorious Comeback of the Fanny Pack

I have a theory on why the fanny pack went out of style. No one really considered it as an effective piece of carrying equipment with the potential for a classic redesign. We got focused with wallets and backpacks and we forgot the one product that bridges them both. It provides the correct size jump from a wallet to a backpack, allowing you to carry probably the right amount of things, while also making sure you don’t get pick-pocketed.

We pretty much saw a decline in fanny packs around the same time we saw a spike in the redesign of messenger bags, and even wallets. Crowdfunding really gave makers a chance to go wild with materials like leather, canvas, Kevlar, Tyvek, etc., and in that furore, the fanny pack became the obsolete baggage for tourists and photographers. With Miljours that’s about to change.

Started by Marie-Anne Miljours, after she discovered her absolute love for vegetable tan leathers (they’re quite worth the adoration, I’d say), Miljours decided to make leather shine (literally and metaphorically) in her latest series of products. Absolutely uplifting the Fanny Pack with her keen sense of style and the finest leather to reinforce it, the Minimalist Leather Fanny Pack rekindles the fanny pack revolution. Its design celebrates sleekness but gives you enough volume to store items too. Designed with a muted style, the Fanny pack can be worn underneath clothes, owing to its sleekness, and over them too, to show off said muted style.

The Fanny Pack got lost on its way because of a lack of a redesign. It fills a very necessary gap between wallets and backpacks, allowing you to have a product that’s the perfect size for carrying business cards, phones, wallets, passports, and even mini-notebooks (we designers can’t live without them). Plus, they’re perfect for women, whose clothes never seem to have enough pockets. Available in two sizes, and with the ability to be worn around the waist, or around the shoulder like a messenger (facing front or back), the Minimalist Fanny Pack is almost like a modern-day holster for the modern day human, designed to carry specifically the right amount of essentials, and give your swag quotient a healthy boost!

Designer: Miljours Studio

Click here to Buy Now: $140.00 $185.00


Lykke is the small fanny pack. Designed to fit your smartphone, cardholder, keychain and your lucky charm.




Below is the Hermann, the larger fanny pack. Designed to fit an Ipad, notebook, pens, cardholder and keys.




Click here to Buy Now: $140.00 $185.00