A Handful of VR

It’s been an inspiring couple of weeks for Virtual Reality with the release of the Google Daydream headset, the Oculus Go headset, and recently the very durable ANMLY Model A headset. While there have been some dramatic changes made with headsets since its inception, there hasn’t been nearly half as many with VR controllers. That’s where Sergey Shlyakhov & Mikhail Oleynikov come in, the creators of Finch Hands – the digital controller that combines the convenience of the glove and functionality of the gamepad. Finch is suitable for hands of all sizes and shapes and can’t be dropped, which detracts from the experience using other digital controllers.

Designing Finch Hands, Shlyakhov and Oleynikov looked at this project from a human-centered approach, acknowledging the difficulties with each prototype throughout the process – this lead to Finch Hands being ambidextrous, unobtrusive, a breeze to use and of course, fitting like a glove. Finch Hands also comes with two armbands which are used to calibrate a more accurate sense of movement. This digital controller is a handy addition to the exciting future of VR.

Designers: Sergey Shlyakhov & Mikhail Oleynikov