An air purifier you can wear as a necklace!

Today clean air is becoming more of a luxury than a bare necessity needed to survive. With the Earth’s atmosphere deteriorating by the minute, the health hazards are increasing manifolds. Lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death in the world. 6 million people die annually from smoking, 500,000 of those due to passive smoking. Pollution in large cities can take away 2-3 years off life expectancy. Moved by such dreary numbers, designers Jordan Steranka and Tai Geng decided to do their bit in moving towards a healthier and prolonged life for everybody. They created ‘Breathe’, an air purification product that provides us with clean air with every breath we take. Shaped like a nifty whistle, the primary goal was to make ‘Breathe’ as minute and handy as possible, without restricting airflow. Portability and physical comfort of the user were of the utmost importance. Equipped with a carbon filter that is connected to air sensors, and a removable mouthpiece which allows us to inhale through ‘Breathe’, it filters unclean air to allow it’s purest form to enter our system. The open structure allows for consistent airflow through an oblong airway, which also directs the airflow.

Huge attention to detail was given to the form factor of ‘Breathe’. The aim was to create a functional and fashionable product through the use of simple geometry. A braided necklace loop allows us to wear ‘Breathe’ around our necks! Looking like a trendy necklace, it bears minimal weight and is extremely convenient to carry around, unlike other current filtration devices which tend to be heavy and cumbersome. It’s a new form of an otherwise traditional wearable mask, which can be quite uncomfortable to wear and carry around. One of it’s most appealing features is that it comes along with a partnering app! The app displays how beneficial ‘Breathe’ is to our health. The device stores and collects data while in use. Once it is plugged into a smartphone via the audio jack, the data is uploaded automatically onto the app. The app exhibits all the particles, gases and toxins that are prevented from being inhaled by us, and where they can be found most commonly. Not to forget, Breathe’s battery is being charged throughout this! Highly functional, portable and convenient, ‘Breathe’ could literally be a lifesaver and will surely pave a path for a new era in air purifiers, replacing the age-old conventional masks!

Designer: Jordan Steranka and Tai Geng