Solos AirGo Vision are the world’s first ChatGPT-4o powered smart glasses for interactive input

Smart glasses are the most practical wearables when it comes to your daily style statement. Compared to current generation AR headsets that are bulky, smart glasses are feasible and the buck only stops at how much tech can be fitted inside the compact frames keeping the overall weight down and form factor indistinguishable from a regular pair.

The idea has gone mainstream in the last year or so with Ray-Ban Meta and OPPO coming on board the bandwagon. The latter brought AI-capable Air Glass 3 to the industry in the early half of this year, and Solos has now upped the ante. They’ve revealed a smarter pair of wearables that are the world’s first to have OpenAI’s latest generative AI.

Designer: Solos

This is the AirGo Vision, the next iteration of the AirGo 3 glasses. Powered by OpenAI’s latest ChatGPT-4o, the wearable is also compatible with Google Gemini and Anthropic Claude models. You can expect hands-free operation aided by voice commands to answer any queries or provide real-time inputs for things like reading foreign language hoardings or getting assistance for city directions. The latter is aided by the latest versions of the GPT-4o and generative AI applications, first for any smart glasses. In essence, the glasses will be a visual extension of search information and bring interactive features to make them wantable.

The wearer can capture pictures hands-free and instantly inquire about information. Solos is also giving the option for swapping the main frame with a secondary one that doesn’t have any front camera. Yes, unlike other smart glasses, this one has the camera lens embedded in the arms, instead of the frame. This swap comes in handy for places where a more formal style is acceptable. To keep the wearer aware of any important notifications or calls, there are flashing LED indicators on the frame.

Solos hasn’t yet revealed details about the specific release date or the price, but we can safely assume they’ll cost more than $250.