Samsung’s Dual Oven gets an upgrade with matte aesthetics, new UI & seemingly invisible glass!

This year Samsung has been moving in the direction of bespoke and customized appliances. In 2020, we all spent more time at home, and therefore the interaction with appliances significantly increased (remember the banana bread phase?) which led to many of us wanting to upgrade the otherwise ignored mundane products – ovens being one of them. They are traditionally bulky but Samsung changed that with its dual cook oven which gave it a sleek makeover. Now the brand has teamed up with Relvāokellermann to take it one step further and seamlessly integrate it into your surroundings to a point that they make the glass “disappear”!  Called the Infinite Line Dual Cook,  this design will be a part of the brand’s new mainline built-in oven.

The Infinite Line Dual Cook is designed for better integration within the furniture while simultaneously offering an exceptional user experience. The designers believed in the need to find new ways of innovation, not only centered in technology but more towards culture and behavioral changes in society which echoes the sentiments of JaeSeung Lee (President & Head of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Division) who said, “Consumers, especially millennials, are spending more time at home and demanding products that enhance their everyday lives with customized features. Great, reliable performance is now a basic expectation. The standard for a better, smarter home experience is now decided by how closely appliances can be ‘fit’ to various customer lifestyles,” and that is where form can upgrade the functionality of tech.

Kitchen and living room boundaries are increasingly disappearing due to mass urbanization and the lack of space in big cities – so how do ovens fit in the new, modern, interior architecture set up? To address this contemporary issue, the Infinite Line Dual Cook oven was created to blend harmoniously into the living environment. It showcases advances in materials and finishings, takes into account that appliances have become more haptic, and the popularity of matte surfaces due to their aesthetic. The best part? The perfectly clear glass’s reflection was made to disappear by the design team. “By reducing the size of the window without compromising the view of the consumer while cooking and adding a satin finish to the door’s surface, it was possible to design an oven that performs exceptionally while in use but merges with surrounding when not needed,” explained Kellermann and Ana Relvao.

Interaction with the appliance was the next priority. Nothing is more frustrating than a complicated digital interface when all you need to do is bake the banana bread at 350°F – the interaction should be very intuitive since appliances are fundamental tools. The protruded knob is the center for all the action and is supported by a matte touch screen where simple instructions can be followed. All interaction points are aligned into a control panel, almost like a cockpit, underlining the area from which a user controls the appliance. Think of how simple it is to use a microwave, the same simplicity is being applied to ovens so you are able to operate them without looking as if you are solving a math problem.

Samsung’s Infinite Line Dual Cook oven has been awarded the iF Award 2020 and the IDEA Award 2020 in Bronze.

Designers: Gerhardt Kellermann and Ana Relvao