Eight Ways to Save a Life

If there’s anything better than a useful life-saving product, it’s a useful life-saving product that has the potential to be redesigned and upgraded. The world’s most useful and favorite in-car tool, the Spare Me comes back with its incredibly useful design, integrating 3 MORE life-saving features into it that make it all the more a necessity in every car. I’m of the opinion that governments should issue a mandate for making owning this compulsory for all cars!

The original Spare Me came with a tough, virtually unbreakable, Nylon and Glass Blend construction, and the new Spare Me 8-in-1 is held to the same standard. It comes with the trusty shovel-shaped design that makes for a very efficient ice scraper, snow/mud/sand/gravel shovel, and even a lever for easy tire-lifting, while the rugged back surface provides enough traction to get any vehicle out of a tough spot. The nylon + glass blend ensures that the Spare Me will never break no matter how heavy the car/truck, or how hot or cold the weather may be. It’s soft yet sturdy material even ensures it scrapes ice and frost off glass without scratching it. The Spare Me 8-in-1 even comes with the hollow handle that allows you to extend the handles of wrenches so you end up applying less force to open out nuts and bolts. The hollow handle proves incredibly useful also because this is where you stash multi-tool no.2, a flashlight that is also designed to incorporate a glass-breaker and a seatbelt-cutter.

Designed to be purchased together but stored separately, the shovel component can be kept in the boot of the car while the flashlight can be easily stashed in the glove compartment, for easy access. Made for pretty much any sticky situation where you’d like to get literally and metaphorically “un-stuck”, the Spare Me 8-in-1 can take care of any on-road or off-road emergency, helping you avoid situations that pretty much form the premise for every outdoor horror film ever!

Designer: Kevin Klier

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Click here to Buy Now: $20.00 $25.00