Dads Just Got a Lot Cooler

Fashion trends change from season to season, it’s hard to keep up with what’s cool and what’s definitely not. I’m by no means a ‘fashionista’ but I can tell you that the Lalabu Dad Shirt will never be going out of style. The Lalabu began with Brian and Keri — the husband and wife team behind Lalabu. Inspired by a trip to Africa, the Lalabu was conceived while noticing how soothing the presence of body to body contact was for the baby. Everywhere they looked, the babies were happily on their mom’s backs. It was only when they returned to the US, they asked themselves the question – “If baby-wearing is so incredible for both parent and baby, why aren’t more parents around me doing it?”. They came to the realization it’s because ‘most feel intimidated by getting started’.

Lalabu released the Sooth Shirt – designed for moms – back in 2013. Due to its popularity, it wasn’t long before the masses started looking for a dad version. The stylish slim-fit design gives the Dad Shirt a very approachable look, easy to integrate with any outfit. There is a pouch on the front of the shirt, with an underlying mesh panel which encourages bonding with the baby and allows for strong air flow. Along the fringe of the pouch, there is an adjustable head support and pouch extender which grows with your baby. The Lalabu Dad Shirt is simple, stylish and will certainly start popping up everywhere.

Designer: Brian & Keri Fosse of Lalabu