The Future of Digi-vision!


As someone who’s been a lifelong sufferer of deteriorating vision, I can testify that no mix of glasses and corrective lenses is enough to get it right all the time. Simply put, there will always be instances where your vision could be better throughout the day.

Designed with this in mind, Clevu (a clever combination of the words clear and view) is a wearable system that can not only work as traditional reading glasses but is capable of enhancing a variety of other sight situations. Enjoying the outdoors? There’s a setting for that. Watching TV? There’s a setting for that too.

Using a digital lens overlay system with parts integrated into the compact frame, users can toggle between preset and customized settings to enhance contrast and even make the most minute adjustments in focus. Ideal for aging individuals with varying degenerative eye problems, Clevu not only adapts to the user’s unique needs but simultaneously inspires their sense of independence.

The Clevu is a winner of the Asia Design Prize for the year 2018.

Designer: Hyosub An





Scroll Wheel: Zoom-in/Zoom-out.

One Click: Adjust contrast. Double click: Change color mode.