Magneto’s Pencil of Choice

Ready to ragequit on your mechanical pencil? A part of the frustration comes from their lack of accuracy and consistency with the lead position and length. Up until now, anyway! Magno is a 2mm lead mechanical pencil unlike any other.

It offers lead position accuracy far beyond other pencils due to the free-moving magnet concealed within its premium grade body. It works like this: the 2mm replaceable lead is held by a magnetic component concealed within the body of the pencil. Once the end tip is rotated, the brass collet releases the lead. The ferrous sleeve located around the outside of the body slides by hand to determine the length of lead. The ferrous outer sleeve moves the magnet and lead within the body. The lead is secured again by rotating the end tip which tightens the collet. Smart (and simple) stuff isn’t it?! Made from aircraft grade aluminum with an anodized surface in one of four cool colors, it’s also built to last a lifetime.

Designers: Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain

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