Now You See Chess, Now You Don’t!

So you’re on a road trip, right? You stop at your friendly “Everywhere America” restaurant and order a burger or a taco, and you sit down (with your travel buddy) and think, gosh, now I’m going to eat this food and we’ll have to just go again, without any chess at all. You want to play chess! But bringing a chess board in to a fast food restaurant is so awkward! What do you need? A Mirage.

Yes indeedy, a Mirage portable chess set from the kewlest designer named Yu that I know, Pengtao Yu. Look this thing up and down and note that also, yes amazing isn’t it, that the chess pieces can double as hair clips, too. Play yourself some chess until you’re goofy in the head because this particular chess set is the top of cool.

And buy me one too if they ever produce them!

Designer: Pengtao Yu



Mirage Portable Chess Set by Pengtao Yu