Most Buzzed Designs of July 2017


Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in July 2017.


Come October 2017 and we’ll have Google launch its second iteration of its flagship smartphone, the Pixel. Admitted it may not look anything like what we’re seeing right now, but Jonas Daehnert has an affinity for creating the most desirable phone concepts.


This might look like a retro motorcycle just waiting for its engine to be dropped it, but looks closer and you’ll spy pedals! It’s Avionic’s V1 and it’s perhaps the most handsome e-bike ever.


Water Curtain is aptly named for its elongated spout which provides a waterfall-like flow. This maximizes coverage for washing foods or cleaning dishes. Furthermore, internal sensors detect the size of the object and adjust accordingly to prevent water waste.


The Ring Ruler allows you to draw perfect circles without using those compasses that tear holes in paper (my architecture friends will know the pain) and require constant readjusting and calibrating because the hinge is loose, or the pencil isn’t secured tight enough.


This Android smartphone doesn’t want to be called a smartphone, but rather a Holographic Media Machine. It comes with a screen that is capable of delivering glass-less 3D visuals.


The Gauswheel is nothing like anything we’ve seen before. It borrows bits from most personal mobility vehicles. You stand on it as you would on a skateboard, propelling it with a foot. However, it has only two wheels like a scooter, and has a singular handlebar with a brake, like a bicycle.


Never thought I’d utter the words “loo” and “love” in one sentence but this one has changed that! You’ll love this design too – not only for its futuristic aesthetic but also its clever self-cleaning system.


Love your smartwatch but hate that it needs juicing?! You need an innovative charging strap like this one designed for the Samsung Gear S3.


Forget your fugly fish bowl! Tau is a twist on the standalone aquarium that ditches all the awkward tubing, hard lighting and unsightly box filters for a cleaner, minimalistic look that you and your fishy friends will love!


iM2 will make sure there still are some skid marks in the upcoming era of autonomous cars!


Exploring and expanding the possibilities of what we can do with additional powers… in this case, an extra thumb.


This beach bag not only does it rid itself of sand, it shuns water, organizes your belongings, and comes with its own share of delightful surprises that make it the best bag to have outdoors.


The Mindfulness Phone is the latest in a trend of devices that aim to get people’s faces out of their phones!


With a bezel and dial made from actual concrete, the Masonic watch is probably the most beautiful and unforgettable watch I’ve seen in a while, as it pays tribute to the Freemasons, one of early society’s first architects.