Kitchens Just Got Way Cooler


Dominating the water fixture selection of the 2017 iF Design Talent Award winners, these two faucets are strikingly different yet both provide kitchen enhancements as functional as they are beautiful.

The first, called Water Curtain by Jiaqing Zhang, Chen Gao, Xin Ai & Liye Zhang is aptly named for its elongated spout which provides a waterfall-like flow. This maximizes coverage for washing foods or cleaning dishes. Furthermore, internal sensors detect the size of the object and adjust accordingly to prevent water waste. Better yet, it can be split-streamed so two people can use it at once!

The second is just as versatile but in an entirely different way. It’s called Rail Kitchen by Hyoung wrk Moon & Jeonghyeon Lee, and, just like the name suggests, this modern faucet is integrated into the countertop where it is capable of sliding from one side to the other. This makes it possible to use over the sink or the stove, all without having to lug around heavy pots! Its substation and flow system are located under the surface, leaving the visible parts sleek and clean.