Tell me this toilet isn’t sexy!?


Never thought I’d utter the words “loo” and “love” in one sentence but this one has changed that! You’ll love this design too – not only for its futuristic aesthetic but also its clever self-cleaning system.

Designed for the standard-setting Spanish brand Roca, the concept is pure design genius. Forget that clunky, white, porcelain potty, this is a beautiful, black, sophisticated sphere made of tough teflon. Closing the lid completes the perfectly round shape so it looks like an artistic, sculptural addition to your bathroom rather than a big, ugly eyesore. Functionally, it goes far beyond the flush… cleansing not only the interior walls with running water, but also the exterior! When it’s time to clean the outside, you can activate streaming water down the smooth sides (via a smartphone app) to clean and disinfect the outside in addition to the inside. Furthermore, it can be operated completely hands-free so you stay germ free!

Designer: Zahari Gancheff