Clunky and analog, to minimal and digital


In the spirit of alluringly minimal products that can adapt to not-so-minimal technologies, the Crosley Revolution Vinyl Disc player reminds me a lot of Muji’s exposed CD player, and the Elbow cassette player we covered two months ago (which absolutely blew up over the internet, btw) that use CDs and Cassette in an unconventional way, being sometimes less noticeable than the CD or Cassette. Crosley’s Revolution vinyl disc player works a lot like the Elbow, in which it snaps over the music-holding device and operates it with the barest minimum housing. The LP disc juts out of the player, rotating in front of your eyes… you can maybe scratch and remix your tracks too.

It seems like the LP disc is making a resurgence (people still wildly believe that vinyl is the most pristine in terms of audio quality). We’ve seen products on Kickstarter that take the minimal direction much more severely like the Rokblok, and Yves Behar’s LOVE player, but they lack a certain deal of seriousness in terms of being a hardcore music player. Crosley’s Revolution is built to be a more-than-capable LP Disc player in every regard. It comes with two speeds, an audio input for speakers or headphones, and even a USB out that allows you to rip all your audio to a digital format. Now that’s rather convenient.

Designer: Crosley