New-wave Knife Block

The knife block and the cutting board: a kitchen combo essential  for master chefs and novice cooks alike. So why not combine the two? This hybrid solution does just that in a simplistic, sculptural design that enables fast, efficient cutting. It makes for a professional-looking countertop display and keeps your most commonly used items handy!

Designer: Jowan Baransi


  • em says:

    so you’d have to remove all your knives and put them aside every time you wanted to wash this. does it come with the second knife block to store them whilst you wash up?

    good product design is practical as well as beautiful.

  • Priness says:

    I love the idea, but this product only comes with four of what look like steak knives. I would like to see a combo set with a bigger variety of knives and removable cutting boards, partly for washing like the previous poster indicated and also to prevent cross-contamination. Do you have anything like that?

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