Most Buzzed Designs of April 2017


Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in April 2017.


Fresh off its high at the Shanghai Motor Show this year, the Renault RS 2027 aims at setting a design direction for the future of F1 racing. Made mainly out of recycled material, the new closed cockpit will be 3D printed given its complex design, and will be completely transparent.


The L-Rod sits comfortably beside your work-screen, giving you an additional wireless display that sleekly sits in place, with little to no parallax, thanks to its wedge screen edge.


For all its aggressiveness, the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante concept by Alex Imnadze also has a delicate femininity to it. Makes perfect sense considering its flowing form was inspired by the natural curves of a woman’s body!


Designer Will Jordan saw opportunities to improve the artificial hive which has gone largely unchanged for many years. The result is a hive that’s not only more functional but aesthetically friendly!


The perfect wheel isn’t circular, but rather a scientifically calibrated blend of the circle, square, and the sine-wave.


Designed with designers in mind, this MacBook Pro 2018 concept explores the integration of a full-size touchpad in place of the traditional keyboard.


This concept car designed by Arthur B. Nustas revives the classic vintage Type 57T coupe by the German automotive giant, combining Jean Bugatti’s original work with the modern Bugatti aesthetic everyone so instantly recognizes and loves!


The APOLLO 1 smartphone is the latest in the nature-meets-tech trend that elegantly merges raw wood with ultramodern electronics.

The LightCube redefines the lightbulb in a way that makes it easier to use, easier to switch, and energy efficient enough to be the future of lighting.


The idea of transferring someone’s persona to a digital form that lives on isn’t anything new… but never has it looked so chic!


Most keychains feature either a ring to hold your keys, or a carabiner that you slip your keys into. The Key Wrangler features both!


While most fidget toys are designed to keep you engaged, the Mokuru is designed to keep you entertained!


The Mellow table also happens to be a 360° speaker, giving you hi-def rich sound while also doubling up as a wonderfully charming piece of furniture!


The Pluma is a Track Bike, focusing on being immensely resistant to stress, force, and pressure while minimizing drag… allowing it to cut through the track like a knife across butter in the summer!


The showerhead actually combines itself with the hand-shower, becoming a hybrid in itself.


It’s one thing to feel the warmth of a fire from a distance and something entirely different to touch it.