Squarish Wheels over Round Wheels?!

All our life if there’s one stereotype that has been emblazoned into our minds, it’s that the wheel is round. Right from those caveman cartoons, all the way till our fastest race-vehicle, the wheel may have changed in material and size (also becoming hubless), it still always remains round. Well, forget all that now, because according to designer David M. Patrick, the perfect wheel isn’t circular, but rather a scientifically calibrated blend of the circle, square, and the sine-wave.

The Shark Wheels designed by David for Sidewinder Formula are a Shark Tank success story. Designed to actually provide a faster, smoother ride with much more control while skateboarding on all sorts of terrain, this rather striking looking pair of wheels actually use lesser material but provide a larger wheel-base. Also, they look amazing as they spin, turning the sine-wave shaped tread into a hypnotic, spinning design!

Designer: David M. Patrick (Sidewinder Formula)

Buy Now: $69.95