Tabletop Stuntman!

While most fidget toys are designed to keep you engaged, the Mokuru is designed to keep you entertained! Inspired by probably the earliest fidget-toy ever, the pen cap, Mokuru is a talented little topsy-turvy tabletop thing that does cartwheels when you push it around any surface. Unlike most fidget-gadgets, Mokuru isn’t something you use in the background. The Mokuru is designed to captivate, keeping your hands as well as eyes occupied as its beech-wood body does back-flip after back-flip in its entertaining style.

The Mokuru performs flips with a hypnotic flair, and with a little practice, one can go from simple flips to more complex routines capable of impressing anyone! While playing with the Mokuru is definitely fun, it also helps by relieving stress while improving hand-eye coordination as well as boosting concentration. The Mokuru is the perfect toy for people with ADHD, allowing them to fidget, yet stay focused.

Spun out of a single piece of beech wood, the Mokuru’s curves are what give it its gymnastic abilities. The main body is covered on both ends with silicone pads that protect surfaces from getting scratched or damaged. Handy and pocketable, the Mokuru has the same footprint as a USB thumb drive, or a lipstick… allowing you to carry it anywhere for instant entertainment.

Hey, bottle flips are yesterday’s news… Are you up for the Mokuru flip challenge?

Designer: Masakazu Node

BUY IT HERE: $10.50 $15.00