This shower goes both ways


What started as a conceptual design project to monitor water wastage in a household, turned slowly into a real-world project with one rather interesting product emerging as a result. The ‘Well’ by Matter and Mindtribe aimed to set up a system monitoring water-usage in one’s home and have stats sent to the homeowner’s phone. However, what we are captivated by is the resultant shower-head design that contained a smart-fixture, helping curb water usage through clever use of color-changing LEDs on its handle.

The showerhead actually combines itself with the hand-shower, becoming a hybrid in itself. The detail we can’t stop loving is the magnetic ball-socket joint that is less of a joinery and more of a piece of art. The hand-shower has a domed head that sits in a concave enclosure, held by a magnet. It can be adjusted and angled in any way necessary, just by maneuvering it via the handle. Gently pull it outwards and the showerhead releases from its magnetic enclosure, becoming a fully operational hand-held shower! To think that this small yet amazing design detail was the byproduct of a much larger systems design project!

Designers: Matter & Mindtribe.