Trod the Untrodden Path! GeoCane and Upward!

Presenting the best way to get lost in a walking stick. The GeoCane by Felix Hardmood Beck takes the idea of a divining rod and finds you some great adventure in the great hiking pilgrimage. Stamping the ground creates a path that noone else has followed, creating a unique experience for you, the final and last one true highlander.

Designer Felix Hardmood Beck puts it like this: “The goal of this project was to translate the central aspects and values of the pilgrimage into a digital object – a new interpretation of the traditional walking-cane: The GeoCane. This new cane shows various references to the historic and modern pilgrimage, as well as historic and modern forms of navigation. By using the GeoCane, the user receives a new understanding of the historic identity of pilgrimage.

“Geographical coordinates for a specific goal are loaded onto the GeoCane through a docking-station. Throughout the Neo-Pilgrimage an integrated microchip traces the chosen path, so that you are never guided on an already known road. By a slight vibration at grasping hight, the cane leads the way for the user. The place of destination remains unknown for the user and is not of such great importance as the path in itself.”

Heigh Ho!

Designer: Felix Hardmood Beck


  • powers says:

    Forget the power supply this thing could be run off the tapping action – otherwise great concept. Err, as long as you can find your way back… That functionality is built in right?

    • Chris Burns says:

      From what I understand, yes. I imagine it can easily be paired with googlemap technology as well, etc.

  • zippyflounder says:

    totaly eludes me, aint the first time wont be the last either.

  • Ja says:

    I don’t understand the point of this object, what is it supposed to do? Couldn’t you just go walking by yourself and explore, why do you need this?

    • Mohan Vasantharasan says:

      the purpose of thing is to probably to update the map by survarys and there could be additional power supply built in to this like a watch that powers itself. and also its fun

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