The laptop experience on your desktop!

The ProStation 3.0 makes life so much easier. It keeps all your desktop’s USB ports above sea level! Gone are those days of going down on your knees, trying to plug in your keyboard and mouse all the way at the back of the CPU. The ProStation gives you the laptop experience on your desktop!

Designed to minimize clutter on your tabletop, and also the clutter under your desk, where the CPU gathers cobwebs, the ProStation acts as a stand for your monitor, while also providing a dedicated space to stow away your mouse and keyboard. Made out of durable steel (enough to carry the weight of your heaviest monitor, the super slim ProStation comes with three types of card readers and a whopping six USB adapters (for everything from hard disks to webcams and microphones), with one of them being fast-charge enabled!

Designer: Monitormate