Your devices, your data, your server, in your home!

If Hillary Clinton’s online data isn’t safe, I don’t know who’s is. That’s the problem with cloud computing these days, honestly. Everyone’s data is stored on one large server farm owned by an internet giant like Dropbox, or Google, or even Apple’s iCloud (remember the celebrity hacks in 2014?). All the data lies at one place… one attack and everything is compromised.

You could do one of two things to prevent this crisis from happening. Option A is to go completely off the grid. Delete your internet presence so that no further harm can be done. That’s a little extreme if you ask me, which is why there’s option B. Set up your own cloud server. Usually that takes some expertise, a hefty wallet, and a reliable power supply, but we don’t talk about usual here. We’re all about the unusual and the awesome and that’s what the Daplie is. One small unsuspecting cylindrical mass, the Daplie may be mistaken for a thermostat, or a Bluetooth speaker. It’s not. The Daplie is your very own cloud server that you can offload all your data on. Since it lies inside your house, your data is truly yours and safe from large scale attacks on servers owned by large internet conglomerates. Privacy also comes with peace of mind since the Daplie doesn’t rely on a monthly payment or subscription model. It’s your cloud server, in your home. Your data is yours to access (not even Daplie can access your data) forever, and for free. You can configure the Daplie to sync to your devices and storage drives and back up all your data to your own personal cloud and access it anywhere. You even get to choose who you want to share your data with, making the Daplie work just like your online storage service… just more secure, more reliable, and free (since you pay just once)!

The Daplie comes in two parts. One’s the Cloud component, a slick, aluminum and white plastic disc that you can place anywhere in your house. Plug a LAN cable and a DC cable and your Daplie comes to life! Now for storage, Daplie comes with 1Tb storage discs that stack over each other like cylindrical bricks. You can layer storage on top of one other to create up to 4Tb of cloud storage! That’s enough to back up all your devices and data for nearly a decade!

So much better than going amish and stepping off the grid, right?! The Daplie is the best solution to your data storage and security woes. In a world where freedom and privacy are so often compromised, Daplie provides you with the right to own and access your files anywhere, anytime. Because your data, your memories, they belong to you and you alone.

Designer: Klugonyx

Buy It Here: $200.00 $329.99