Incredibly compact e-scooter folds into a laptop-sized suitcase for maximum mobility

Personal mobility devices such as e-scooters, hoverboards, and the like have risen in popularity in recent years. This new breed of transportation is empowering commuters, adventurers, and all sorts of travelers to go the distance with more flexibility, versatility, and style. Electric scooters, in particular, combine the best traits of personal mobility when it comes to freedom of movement and reliability, but it feels that they still fall short of that last leg of the journey that you need to take on foot and force you to leave your precious metal steed behind. Whether it’s for security or convenience, you no longer have to chain down your e-scooter in some exposed parking space, thanks to an ingenious design that lets you fold the vehicle into something you can actually store in your bag.

Designer: SMZ, inc.

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If you presumed this would be similar to the folding non-electric bikes already in the market, not only are you way off base, you aren’t giving enough room for your imagination to breathe either. After all, most e-scooters already fold their stems down to their decks to save space, but that doesn’t make them any less cumbersome to take with you anywhere. The Arma Scooter’s ground-breaking innovation is more like Transformers, turning a tall, two-wheeled vehicle into a compact box that you can carry like a suitcase or stow away in your bag.

This kind of shape-changing ability solves many of the remaining problems owners have with their regular e-scooters. You no longer have to worry about parking space or security because you can always bring your scooter with you. And those parts of a journey where you’re not allowed to ride on wheels? You can simply fold down the e-scooter and walk. Wherever you go, the Arma Scooter goes with you, whether you’re riding on it or carrying it, and letting you switch between the two in just 30 seconds.

Given its foldable design and lightweight body, weighing only around 10lbs (4.5kg) in its first prototype, you might be concerned that the Arma Scooter won’t take you that far on wheels. It couldn’t be farther from the truth, though, thanks to a range of around 7 miles (11 km) with its 36V battery and 250W motor. The batteries, which charge to full via USB-C in just 2 hours, can be swapped easily so you can keep on riding as long you have juice in those spare packs.

The Arma Scooter is more than just an engineering and design marvel, it’s also a testament to the qualities that made Japanese craftsmanship famed within the automotive industry. The meticulous attention to every detail and the dedication to quality and reliability come together to craft not just an innovative device but also a unique experience that aims to be the epitome of mobile excellence. Whether you’re riding for fun or trying to escape the stress of daily commutes, this mind-blowing foldable e-scooter gives you the freedom to go anywhere with the peace of mind that your traveling companion will always be with you wherever you go.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,050 $1,500 ($450 off). Hurry, only 61/100 left! Raised over $111,000.