Flawless Design for Flawless Skin


Less is more, and this can be evidently seen through the design styles sprouting out of Japan and Korea over the past decade. The likes of cloudandco, Muji, and Almond Design being the most prominent advocates. They have indeed made their mark globally and continuing to do so, influencing the design language as they go. One person that’s following suit is Park Yong-woo, the designer behind the NMS (Needle Machine for Skin).

What is NMS right? Well, it’s the ideal technology for skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation by utilizing minimally invasive micro-needles to deliver controlled high-frequency radio waves directly into various depths of the skin, leaving it looking riches and fuller. Given the nature of the treatment, there are multiple depths required throughout the appointment – the NMS enables the user to accurately execute the level necessary with the user-friendly dial located towards the top.

Designed for intuitive use, the NMS can be held in either a pen grip or a joystick approach, accommodating for a variety of hand sizes and user styles. This eye-catching device is accented by its equally beautiful charging station. The station is smartly designed, taking up minimal desk surface, capturing only a small surface area of the NMS – making it easier for the user to locate the device onto the station. Although the station is slanted, Yong-woo gave the station a sharp taper towards the end of the slanted cutaway, keeping the device in place throughout its charging period. A nice piece of design and popular material choices, I’m excited to see what Yong-woo will make next.

Designer: Yong-woo Park