Most Buzzed Designs of November 2016

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in November 2016.


The Tessel Jet Pack gives you its stealth-fighter inspired faceted design.


Who would’ve thought that a Chinese startup would build an electric car that set a world record lap at the Nürburgring at seven minutes and five seconds, making it the fastest electric car in the world?


Today, we bid farewell to the Velcro, and usher in the age of the LABB (Loopless and Buckleless Band).


On the rare occasion there isn’t a Starbucks in sight, you’ll be glad you have this 3D cup of joe!


The Frame Sofa offers an entirely new way of customizing and switching up your unique style. Its 6 cushions are secured by a tastefully wrapped pipe frame.


The 2040 Mercedes-Benz W196R Streamliner concept pays tribute to the original W196R, drawing from its style and technical achievements


Huxley’s Ladder incorporates beautiful, modern, and full functionality into your bookshelves while also including wooden ladders built in.


Sedat Ozer’s Kaffa allows users to enjoy the Turkish method of coffee brewing from anywhere, without the need for fire.


Unlike flat-faced pilot watches, this alternative timepiece features a vertical tourbillon.


3 hours and $1200 is all it takes to have the cutest tiny house in the world!


Bikes don’t have windows, don’t have ACs, seatbelts… and so on. They also don’t have music systems. Until now.


The Butler is a robotic wine cellar that is intelligent enough to recommend the perfect wine to you based on personal tastes.


Vintage will always have a cool quotient… and nothing can ever be cooler than a Nixie Tube!


The Mercedes Concept I is a rather sculpted conceptual coupe design that has the correct curves in the correct places.

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The TILT speaker speciality is that it can switch between unidirectional and omnidirectional.